Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Randy Alstone

Reading a lot,
taking proper Action after,
creating something New,
being Determined,
staying Young forever.

Achieving great feats,
spreading Love,
being Strong always,
employing Tact,
thinking Objectively,
expanding the Name,
radiating Energy.

These are what I wish and try to do/be/achieve..

Signing Off,
Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Want You

I wrote this poem/want 4 months back, sharing it on Valentine's Day.

I Want You

I want someone to sit in silence with,
I want someone to learn together,
To play with each other,
To fight, at times, only to reconcile soon after.

I want someone to share dreams with,
To chase those dreams,
To write legacies together.

I want someone intelligent, beautiful and wise,
With an extreme knack for Chess.

I want someone who is equally health-conscious as me,
Someone with whom I can workout,
Talk about evils of gluten,
Share infinite amounts of coffee.

I want someone to care for, to love, to make love,
To bring a new life with.

I want someone, and I want you.

Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!