Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I am for You

This is one of my Love Poems. It was not addressed to anyone.. I wrote it about 6 years ago, still waiting for that special someone..

I am for U
As electrons revolving around the nucleus,
As planets rotating around the sun,
I will be circling around you.

As flowers blooming for others,
As water flowing for us,
I will be living for you.

As parents helping us constantly,
As teachers guiding us forever,
I will be helping you.

As God supporting us in our endeavours,
As pillars supporting the roof,
I will be supporting you.

God created all for some reason,
And me, he created, only for U.

Signing Off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My 5-Day Workout Split

Body-Building Split Routine

Day 1- Biceps, Triceps, Forearms.
Day 2- Quads, Calves.
Day 3- Chest, Abs.
Day 4- Rest.
Day 5- Shoulders, Traps.
Day 6- Back, Lower-back.
Day 7- Rest.

Day 1

Barbell Curls(3), Dumbbell Curls(3), Concentration Curls(2).

Dumbbell Extensions(3), Lying Dumbbell Extensions(3), Dumbbell Kickbacks(2).

Hammer Curls(3), Wrist Curls(3).

Day 2

Squats(5), Lunges(4), Hack Squats(3), Side Squats(2).

One-Legged Calf Raises(3), Calf Raises(3).

Day 3

Incline Push-Ups(3), Push-Ups(3), Dumbbell Bench Presses(4), Dumbbell Flyes(2), Decline Push-Ups(2).

Crunches(3), Leg Raises(3), Twisting Crunches(2).

Day 4


Day 5

Barbell Presses(3), Dumbbell Presses(4), Front, Lateral and Rear Lateral Raises(3).

Barbell Shrugs(3), Dumbbell Shrugs(3).

Day 6

Pull-downs(3), Barbell Rows(4), Dumbbell Rows(4), Dumbbell Pullovers(3).

Stiff Leg Dead-lifts(3), Romanian Dead-lifts(3).

Day 7


Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glory Regained

This is a Poem, which I wrote 6 years ago, when Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was the President of India.
I was hoping that this poem would reach Kalam, as he was attending an event in our neighbourhood and our School Principal was invited to it.
I gave this poem to my Principal in the hope he could deliver it to the President himself, if possible..
I don't know whether the poem reached him or not, but here it is..

Glory Regained

The Rain of Glory started drizzling
On the Land with dryness so far,
With you as the First Citizen,
Claiming back its past glory.

The success wave started waving
For the Nation with billion citizens,
With you as the Ideal King,
Claiming back its lost glory.

The Dazzling Future started nearing
To the Country with striving students,
With you as the mentor,
Claiming back its vanished glory.
       We, as students, will toil hard for our Nation's growth,
       And will soon restore its Dazzling Glory.

Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

King of Kings

Here is a Poem, I wrote some years ago, with a simple message.
Who is the King of Kings? Read and find out.

King of Kings
Sun, the source of Energy,
Which planets circle around,
Which itself would fear him,
He is the King of Kings.

Land, the place we live,
Which guarantees our life,
Which itself can't bear him,
He is the King of Kings.

Water, the necessity of world,
Which occupies most space,
Which itself would cheer him,
He is the King of Kings.

Fire, the source of heat,
Which would destroy life,
Which would freeze for him,
He is the King of Kings.

Air, the source of oxygen,
Which surrounds the earth,
Which itself would obey him,
He is the King of Kings.

Sky, the space's virtual boundary,
Which is actually limitless,
Which itself bonded to him,
He is the King of Kings.

God, the mightiest of all,
Who could change everything,
Who himself would admire him,
He is the King of Kings.

Who is the King of Kings?
You may question me,
He who works really hard,
He is the King of Kings.

Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!