Friday, November 25, 2011

Who is Randy Alstone?

Well, I am Randy Alstone. But it isn't my 'given'(by parents) name.

My Real name is Kannan. My parents had a reason for choosing that name. My dad was kind of a devotee of Lord Krishna, so he wanted “Krishna” to be the name. But my mother suggested ‘Kannan’ instead, as she was an ardent lover of 'Tamil' language and she didn't want the Sanskritic presence in my name. Thus the story of 'Why I was named Kannan'.

But that is not the cynosure here. The focal point here is the name ‘Randy Alstone’.
Let’s dig up that story.

I was a crazy fan of Wrestling in my teenage years, and in WWE I liked Randy Orton the most. In the field of Bodybuilding or in Hollywood, I was a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Randy Orton’s finishing move was called ‘RKO’, abbreviation for Randal Keith Orton. So I wanted myself to be known as ‘RKA’ which expands as Randy Kannan Arnold, incorporating ‘Randy’ from Randy Orton and ‘Arnold’ from Arnold Schwarzenegger. But later, I realized that Randy Kannan Arnold was not that good. So I opted to have ‘Kevin’ instead of ‘Kannan’ and ‘Alstone’ in the place of ‘Arnold’, thus keeping the moniker “RKA” still intact. For more effect and uniqueness, I then replaced ‘Kevin’ with “King”.
So, now ‘RKA’ means Randy “King” Alstone, but I can be simply called Randy Alstone.

That’s it for now..

Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

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