Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glory Regained

This is a Poem, which I wrote 6 years ago, when Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was the President of India.
I was hoping that this poem would reach Kalam, as he was attending an event in our neighbourhood and our School Principal was invited to it.
I gave this poem to my Principal in the hope he could deliver it to the President himself, if possible..
I don't know whether the poem reached him or not, but here it is..

Glory Regained

The Rain of Glory started drizzling
On the Land with dryness so far,
With you as the First Citizen,
Claiming back its past glory.

The success wave started waving
For the Nation with billion citizens,
With you as the Ideal King,
Claiming back its lost glory.

The Dazzling Future started nearing
To the Country with striving students,
With you as the mentor,
Claiming back its vanished glory.
       We, as students, will toil hard for our Nation's growth,
       And will soon restore its Dazzling Glory.

Signing off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

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