Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fleeting Moment

I was travelling on train, crossing a railway station, where I saw a girl standing on the platform. But before the completion of the view, another train crossed, on the next railway track, and spoiled my attempted gaze. The following poem is the expression of that event.

Fleeting Moment

It was but a fleeting moment,
If there ever was one,
Yet the moment was bliss,
If there ever such thing.

She was still,
I was moving,
My heart turned still,
Her image kept moving.

A moment of gaze,
Well, not even that,
Still, elevated the mind,
To write this piece.

The moment has passed,
Nothing to do about,
Almost everything is lost,
Except this memory alone.

Signing Off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

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