Friday, February 14, 2014

Pink Angel

Last month, I wrote this Poem. I am happy to post it here, in my blog, on Valentine's Day.

Pink Angel

You are no ordinary girl,
You are indeed a Priceless Pearl.

You are an Angel, dressed in Pink,
At your view, my heartbeat sink.

When you look over my board,
My pieces tremble, in excitement.
Anytime I walk on the road,
I see your face on the pavement.

When I'm not thinking about my move,
I'm thinking of You.

Your walk radiates a patience,
Your smile twinkles with modesty.

Your mild stare accelerates my pieces,
Your glittering glare makes me resign.

Thought of You keeps me up at night,
I could not sleep or eat, until I write,
A Poem to describe your beauty and might,
For You, with anybody, I am ready to fight.

You, I want to win,
Beauty radiates from your skin,
I wish I were your next of kin,
As to not know You is in itself a sin.

I never knew myself as a Poet,
Until I met You,
My heart and brain are orchestrating a riot,
Whether to get You!

I have no questions in my mind,
You seem like a rare kind of kind,
If it's a slow game, I can grind,
You make my life go rewind.

Signing Off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

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