Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Love You

This is a Love poem that I wrote about 6/7 years ago, about Emma Watson, shortly after watching Harry Potter films 1 to 4 at a stretch.

But I am posting this on Selena Gomez's 20th birthday, as I think the description matches her too. Happy Birthday, Selena.

I Love You
Your eyes, cute and cool,
With the brightness of moon,
Whose attractiveness is endless,
Which might make him breathe,
Who was dead long past.

Your smile, lasting and lovable,
With the prettiness of a rose,
Whose splendor known global,
Which might make him youthful,
Who crossed age sixty.

Your boobs, boon, still blooming,
With the fullness of full-moon,
Whose sexiness renowned sure,
Which might make him to see,
Who was born blind.

Your abs, minute but mind-boggling,
With thickness just of a cane,
Whose existence hardly seen,
Which might make her envy,
Who is every female.

Your legs, soft and long,
With the frothiness of feather,
Whose beauty seen naked,
Which might make him crazy,
Who will notice them certainly.

You, as a whole, my angel,
How then I love not you?

Signing Off, Randy Alstone!

Stay Alstoned!

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